Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why I stay

As I let my fingers do some online shopping this morning, I realized that this will be my second Christmas back in the U.S. Can't believe it's been that long already, and that I've been in Las Vegas the whole time.

Now that Vegas has "gown up" a little, I had hoped it would grow on me and that I'd learn to like it just a wee bit, but that hasn't happened. In all honesty I have to admit that it hasn't gotten any easier to live here. So, why do I stay? Easy answer: I have a job and a home. In this economy, those two things are pretty important, so I'm thankful to have them.

But, if wishes could come true, this is what I'd wish for: A villa in Tuscany; a job writing travel articles; a red mini-Cooper; a size 4 body.

And, of course, world peace, and the end of hunger, poverty and global warming.

I don't think that's asking too much at all, do you?

Sunday, November 09, 2008

President-elect Obama

This truly is a historic time, and I have to say I never thought I'd see such a moment in my lifetime. Seeing Barack Obama become our president elect has given me hope that America can be saved from the path of destruction laid out over the past eight years by the Bush administration.

While no one could possibly expect Obama to fix everything that's broken with America in one or two terms, he seems to be the most capable of bringing about some much-needed change. Let's hope he'll restore our Constitution, get the country busy developing alternative energy and all the jobs that will be created from that endeavor, appoint more liberal Supreme Court Justices that will keep their hands off women's bodies and uphold the laws instead of playing politics such as appointing presidents! Let's do everything we can to help him get this country moving again and bring our troops home.