Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Macaroni westerns?

I teach a chapter from an upper-level English book that includes what kind of entertainment people like. Part of the chapter is about movie genres such as drama, action, comedy, musicals, sci-fi and so forth. It seems that whenever I ask my students if they know any other genres, this is what pops us: macaroni westerns.

Macaroni? The first time I heard it, I thought my student just made a mistake. "Don't you mean spaghetti westerns?" I asked.

"Spaghetti westerns?" my student asked. "No, macaroni westerns."

After hearing this at least three or four times now, I'm convinced that what Americans know as "spaghetti westerns" has entered the Japanese mainstream as "macaroni westerns."

Who knows how these misunderstandings get started, but they do provide some humorous moments.


Gaijin Girl said...

Hi, I've just spent some time reading your blog and it's marvellous. I'm also living in Tokyo and your observations and insights are spot on.

Thanks for a great read, I'll be checking in regularly!


Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Thanks Denise! It's nice to have you as a regular reader! Drop in any time, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy.

By the way, I've linked to your blog. I've been enjoying it as well!