Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer time. . .time for summer uniforms

I tried to take a picture today of three little school girls who were playing that game, rock, paper, scissors (can't remember what it's called in Japanese). They saw me pull out my camera and dashed away, but I managed to get one blurry picture of them.

The schools have finally allowed the children to switch to their summer uniforms and these little girls were dressed in light cotton dresses with their cute little white hats and socks.

I wonder just how many school uniforms there are in Tokyo. Can't believe how many different ones I've seen!


PeterD said...

I've heard that each school chooes their own design. Many of them seem to look like military uniforms.

Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Peter, thanks for your comment. Yes, many of the uniforms DO look military. I wonder why that has so much appeal to the Japanese?

Helen said...

The rock/paper/scissors game is called "Janken Poi". I use it in my classes sometimes.

Gina said...

Yes, you're absolutely right, there are a whole bunch of uniforms around Japan, ha ha ha. : ) And they are really pricey for us as parents too. I think we spent somewhere around 50,000 yen or roughly about $500.00 US. Winter uniform, summer uniform. Gym uniform. Winter hat, straw summer hat. Plus school supplies and school shoes. And our son is barely in yochien, he's only 4 years old. Ha ha ha! : )

By the way, my son totally loves playing "jan ken poi" : )