Monday, July 03, 2006

26 things I want to do on vacation

While a true "26 things" list is supposed to be pictorial, mine is just words. Maybe I'll take pictures of each of these things when I'm on vacation and post them when I return. In the meantime, here's my list:

1. Rest (but only briefly)
2. Give everyone I know and love a big hug
3. Drink Margaritas
4. Eat Mexican food in Las Vegas
5. Eat Pagliacci Pizza in Seattle
6. Go for hikes in the deep green forest
7. Go to movies
8. Visit friends
9. Cook stuff with J&T
10. Get in the spa
11. Watch DVDs with J&T and eat popcorn
12. Go shopping for shoes that fit me
13. Go shopping for clothes that fit me
14. Go shopping for underwear that fits me
15. Buy makeup that's light enough for my fair skin
16. Eat real beer-battered fish and chips
17. Putter in an actual backyard
18. Win a big jackpot in Las Vegas
19. Stay cool sipping ice-cold lemonade
20. Play with cats
21. Sleep as late as I want
22. Stay up as late as I want
23. Browse in bookstores where there are books in English
24. Shop at Trader Joe's and Wild Oats
25. Stock up on stuff to take back to Tokyo
26. Try not to cry too much when I leave

Any other ideas?


EuroTrippen said...

Ohhhh, real mexican food!! I'm jealous. I told Hubby that the next time we visit america I'm checking at least 3 empty suitcases for everything I plan to fly back with. One for shoes, one for clothing & one for nothing but groceries.

Have fun!

Forty_Two said...

I was always fond of Yoda's grammatical flip-flopping.