Saturday, September 09, 2006


Over the years, I've become quite fascinated with the superior intelligence of crows. Most people seem to hate them, but I think they're a joy to observe. For instance, one time, while driving down a winding country road, I saw what looked like a million crows on the narrow two-lane road ahead. I slowed down to see what had attracted them. As I approached closer, I saw that the crows were standing in absolute silence on both sides of the road, peering into the middle of the lane where one of their own had been killed, most likely by a car. It looked exactly like a funeral procession! I think the crows had lined up to witness the death and give an official send-off to their fallen comrade! Perhaps it was a crow with special status in their group. Who knows for sure? At any rate, it was amazing to watch and I felt a sense of sorrow as they stood in perfect silence.

Here's another example of crow inteligence, although it might seem a little risky to the casual observer!

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