Sunday, December 10, 2006

Half of what it used to be!

I've fallen so far behind in my postings that I barely know where to start. Remember the 82-year-old house I used to live in? You can scroll down this page to see the YouTube movie I posted of the way the house looked in September. I went to see its progress today and couldn't believe my eyes! Half of the house is now gone. From the look of things, they should have pulled the entire house down and just started over. Almost nothing of the original house will remain. It's a little strange that such a remodel would be done here in Japan because usually people just tear the whole place down and rebuild.

My landladies seem to be taking it well, or as well as they can. Here's a picture of the older sister, who's quite easy going and very sweet.

The other two tenants had to move out because it was impossible to live there with all the noise and mess. For some reason, the landladies seemed to think--or were led to believe--that the tenants would only need to leave for "a few days" but there's no way they could live with such a mess. The walls all the way around the house are being ripped apart, closets removed, and windows added. It would be impossible to live there with all that is going on, and from the way it looked today, it will be at least a couple more months before it's finished.

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