Saturday, February 24, 2007

Construction worker turned samurai?

Ever since coming to Tokyo almost three years ago, I've wanted to post a picture of the clothing that a typical construction worker wears. I've seen these uniforms in dark blue, medium blue, gray, and sometimes white.

I can't imagine how these "uniforms" can be practical or more important, safe! It seems to me that all that extra fabric would get caught in things, and the foot covering that is typically worn looks like soft-soled, high-topped slippers. In America, construction workers usually wear steel-toed boots, in case something heavy falls on their feet. I'm not sure, but I think the wide-legged pants are tucked into the shoes somehow.

Usually, I see the construction guys wearing bandanas wrapped tightly around their heads, and in the summer, the bandanas are usually replaced with towels. They wear matching jackets in the winter, and in the summer they wear sleeveless t-shirts or sweatshirts. Often their heads are either shaved or their hair is pulled back in ponytails. In a way, the outfit has somewhat of a samurai look to it. Maybe that's why it's so appealing to the young, tough-looking guys who wear them.

NOTE: By no means should anyone assume that construction workers in Japan look this hot !

UPDATE: It must be spring. I just saw a guy dressed in a lavender version of this outfit!


Courtney said...

They never look so hot and commanding as that though, would that it were so!

EuroTrippen said...

Ohhhh, I want my very own construction samurai outfit!