Saturday, March 24, 2007

Need a brawny man for those lonely nights?

I know, I know. That title sounds X-rated, but if you'd like a good laugh (and can be patient enough to wait for the videos to load) check out this brawny guy

I think the Web site is either run by Brawny, the paper towel company, or just a spoof on their products, hence the paper towels being ripped off a roll while the video is loading. You can select videos from a menu that offers choices such as pre-made or custom movies. The pre-made titles are things like "Your Hair, It's Perfect," "That Thing You're Going Through," or "Feeling Lonely."

You can customize your selection and choose titles such as "Pleasantly Surprised," "The Warmest Welcome," "A Spider," "Freshen Up," "Ten Tired Toes," and more. You can even select "en francais" for those women who are hopeless romantics, although his accent is laughable.

The guy is dressed in a flannel plaid shirt and cords, and seems to live in a cabin with a warm, glowing fire. He's got that rough-around-the-edges look, including a little bit of face stubble. He speaks intimately to the camera in a low, sexy, pillow-talk style and says things like, "Please come in. Make yourself at home. That's the oven, I'm just baking some fresh bread.. .listen to me talking, I want to hear more about you, what do you dream about?"

He tries so hard to sound caring, loving, and gentle. For instance, in one of the videos, he's talking about people who "don't spend enough time just talking, taking the time to connect with each other." As he's saying this, he's putting a big leather glove on one hand and reaching out his cabin window. For a second we see what looks ridiculously like a statue of a small hawk perched on his gloved hand, and hear the sound of flapping wings as he then "releases" it out the window and says, "Fire away, friend. That's what it's all about, making friends, bonding..."

In another video, he's walking downstairs wearing his tool belt and acts surprised to see someone. "Hey, I didn't know you were here! I was just upstairs building you an armoir."

What makes it even funnier is that he's such a dufus! He's always doing things like forgetting the words to the songs he sings, or saying something like, "There's a word in German, for a woman who's magnetic, has a nurturing nature, gives everything to her family, and has a beautiful smile. (beat) I don't know what it is."

Anyway, it's pretty funny.

Thanks for the link, Diana!


Anonymous said...

Well, I watched a few clips but that was all I could take. If a guy talked like that to me, I'd know he was full of it!! Pretty funny tho - I think I feel sorry for the actor! BTW, did you notice the product placement in the clips? Like when he picks the flowers, they're wrapped in a paper towel. He uses a towel on the lid of the pickles, and for catching the spider. Brilliant ad campaign, I think.
Babybat ^^^..^^^

Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Hi BB, yeah I know what you mean about only being able to take so much of these! Can't imagine that any woman would actually take any of this seriously, but who knows?

I hadn't noticed the product placements, though, so maybe their ad campaign was lost on me! :-)

EuroTrippen said...

Ha! "I was just upstairs building you an armoir" has got to the the best line of the bunch. Err, it's meant to be comedy, right??

Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Oh yes, ET, it's definitely meant to be funny. I mean, isn't it? Kinda hard to imagine it not being a joke.