Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A birthday announcement

Today is my birthday and it will be the last one spent in Japan. After 3 years, I'm ready to go back home to America. Being an expat has been a wonderful and exciting adventure, but it's time to leave.

Last night I told my boss I was leaving the end of May. Just saying those words gave a new reality to this plan, and frightens me a little. I don't have another job yet, but will stay with my daughter and her husband while I work something out.

Six weeks will go very quickly. Wow! Can't believe I'm leaving! There's so much to do before then that my head is starting to spin.

I might have to rethink my blog name, although it seems to fit no matter where I'm living. Gambatte is Japanese for something like "keep trying to do your best" or "don't give up." So, even though I will be leaving Japan, I'll definitely keep trying to do my best.

More about this later.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

Hope everything in the future turns out well. :)


TerryG said...
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cucina testa rossa said...

bonne anniversaire!

Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Thanks, Gloria (the one in LA!) and Cucina Testa Rossa (who has a fabulous blog of her own!). Drop in for cake and champagne any time!

EuroTrippen said...

Be sure to take time to do all the things you've always wanted to, but never quite got around to. Visit all the tourist traps and take lots of photos... you've had a once in a lifetime experience, revel in it!

Then go home and begin the next chapter, which is bound to be every bit as great.

And, happy belated birthday!

Gaijin Girl said...

Sorry to hear you're leaving as I've enjoyed reading about your perspective of life here.
All the very best for life back in the US. I wonder what the adventure will bring for you next...

ps. belated happy birthday wishes, too!