Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why I stay

As I let my fingers do some online shopping this morning, I realized that this will be my second Christmas back in the U.S. Can't believe it's been that long already, and that I've been in Las Vegas the whole time.

Now that Vegas has "gown up" a little, I had hoped it would grow on me and that I'd learn to like it just a wee bit, but that hasn't happened. In all honesty I have to admit that it hasn't gotten any easier to live here. So, why do I stay? Easy answer: I have a job and a home. In this economy, those two things are pretty important, so I'm thankful to have them.

But, if wishes could come true, this is what I'd wish for: A villa in Tuscany; a job writing travel articles; a red mini-Cooper; a size 4 body.

And, of course, world peace, and the end of hunger, poverty and global warming.

I don't think that's asking too much at all, do you?

1 comment:

JoeinVegas said...

Hmm, could I join you in the villa? I could be your driver (but in a mini, it would be tight)