Monday, May 15, 2006

Lucky to be a mom!

Saturday I got a surprise delivery at work and the gals at the front desk were so excited to see what it was. They couldn't wait for me to open the box, but Saturdays are our super-busy days at the school, so I had to do a very rushed opening. Inside were these gorgeous roses in a darling little cut-work silver basket with a silver ribbon on top. We oohed and aahed over it several times during the day until it was time to take them home that evening.

My ever-thoughtful daugher had sent them to me from the U.S. for a Mother's Day gift!

Every time I think about my daughter, which is all the time, I never seem to get over the fact that I'm so lucky to have her at all! Things were not easy with my pregnancies, and I eventually had several miscarriages. There was nothing I wanted more than a daughter, and my wish came true! My relationship with my own mother was fraught with difficulties and we were never close. I vowed that if I had a daughter some day, I would do everything I could to forge a strong and loving relationship, and now that's exactly what I have with Jenn. She is my heart, and always will be. I'm so incredibly lucky!

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