Monday, May 15, 2006

Protein heaven

Two friends and I headed out to Omotesando Sunday night for an incredible dinner at Barbacoa Grill, a Brazilian restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat churrasco (grilled beef and other meats). There are at least 15 cuts of meats to choose from and they arrive at your table on long skewers where they are sliced and served by the wait staff known as Passador. There's also an amazing salad bar where even vegetarians can experience gustatorial delight. Dinners are Y4000 (about $36) and worth every yen!

There's also a bottomless drinks menu for an additional Y2200 (about $20) and up, depending on what you want to drink. There's a two-hour limit on these drinks. We ordered the Caipirinha, which is some kind of Brazilian drink that has to be the nectar of the gods!

Be forewarned, however. This kind of protein binging, if you're not used to eating so much meat, can leave you feeling a bit sluggish the next day. Or maybe it was the Caipirinha. . .


mambo said...

Hi AT! All the protein looks good. When I lived in the US, I almost never ate red meat, but in Japan I do all the time. . .

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I tried to send you an email last week (or maybe the week before) but it was "undeliverable." Anyway, I just wanted to say that I enjoy your site. I read lots of your earlier entries and I was especially touched by the one about the salaryman who tried to make room for you on the packed train. How sweet!

Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Hi Mambo! Thanks for your comments, too! Like you, I almost never ate red meat in the U.S., but since coming to Japan I've eaten quite a bit.
I don't know why your email didn't come through, but I think there was a little glitch with the server that might have caused it. Wonder how much email I didn't get! Sigh.
Anyway, thanks for reading my blog and for your comment about the salaryman who helped me on the train. I'll never forget his face or his kindness!
I hope you'll drop in often for more updates on this Tokes life (although right now I'm "crazy busy" working on a book deadline for next week, so probably won't post anything for a few days).