Saturday, January 13, 2007

Time out to reflect & do more wishful thinking

Well, I ALMOST made it a full year without getting sick. It would have been a year in February. Right now, I'm sitting in bed with my laptop, eyes and nose running, chest hurting, coughing, sneezing. . . Blech! Maybe this is just an opportunity to take a time out and reflect on the new year.

What do I want in 2007? What are my dreams and goals? How can I wish them into existence? Did that sentence sound strange? Maybe, but I've come to believe in the power of wishful thinking! Last year I wished for a nicer apartment that wouldn't cost me any extra money, that wouldn't require a lease or key money, and that would be close to my work and closer to the station. As impossible as it all seemed, it happened! My former landladies even found the apartment for me and paid for my move!

Then I wished for a new cooktop (stove) that wouldn't cost too much. A brand new one showed up at my door for free, a gift from my new landlady!

Next, I wished for a washing machine of my own (rather than one shared by me and the four male tenants in my small apartment building). Without even asking my landlady for it, one "appeared" on my small patio.

I think that each one of those things was part of a grander plan to convince me about how manifestation works. It's supposed to be EASY! All of our lives we're told to quit wishing and start doing. Well, maybe we've been misled. Maybe life isn't meant to be filled with beating our heads against a wall. Maybe all we need to do is make a sincere wish. Great Avatars have told us this, and it appears in all the holy books of the world. So why do we doubt it? Why in the world would we want to work hard and limit our dreams?

For 2007 I encourage you to WISH, and it shall be yours!

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Gaijin Girl said...

blee, happy almost one year disease-free anniversary to you. get better soon, at. perhaps you got sick as you needed to take stock and reflect?

i love your idea about wishing. actions can bring about what we want, but is dependant on so many variables. there's nothing like wishing, as that focuses our energy - which in turn manifests, somehow. maybe not always the way we want it to, although in your case you seemed to get exactly what you were wishing for - spooky!

thanks for the post. it has given me a lot to ponder...