Saturday, January 13, 2007

A traditional Japanese wedding

One of our staff got married over the Christmas holidays. She had a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony where she wore a white kimono.

Here's a picture of her and her mother.

The bride changed outfits several times, and each change included a change of flowers as well! This wedding had to have cost a fortune! Here she is in her western-style wedding dress.

And then there was the mile-high cake, although you can't see the fourth layer in this shot!

And this gorgeous red gown!

An amazing wedding!


Gaijin Girl said...

that looks just gorgeous! wow, how many times did the bride change?

RICH said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. I like your blog. gives me a good idea of what life is like in ole tokyo

EuroTrippen said...

Red is for luck, right? The whole thing looks beautiful!

Absolutely Tokyo! said...

Hi GG! I think the bride changed at least 4 times. She said she was so busy changing and having her hair restyled each time that she never had a chance to eat anything at the dinner!

Hey Rich! Yes, life is very, very interesting here. It's unlike any place I've ever been before. Most of the time I enjoy it.

ET! Yes, I think red is for luck, and the Japanese look absolutely gorgeous in red. I wish they'd wear it more often instead of all the beige, tan, grays and other washed-out colors that are so popular in Tokyo. Beige is definitely not good with Asian skin, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Changing 4 times is common and also like a Chinese wedding. I saw a video of a Japanese wedding and it looks really wonderful

Anonymous said...

oh my god, the bride is beautiful and she changed like about 4-5 times right? When I get married I am going to have a tradtional japanese wedding because I will move to Japan and meet a guy and blah blah but yeah