Sunday, April 02, 2006

Japan's latest celebrity

A couple of months ago I was standing outside a popular electronics store in Shibuya waiting for a friend who was running a few minutes late. I stood there people watching and suddenly there was this guy dressed in black leather hotpants and a tight leather vest over a black turtleneck sweater. I've just discovered who he was: Masaki Sumitani, otherwise known as Hard Gay, or HG. He's apparently a heterosexual parody of a gay man and walks around thrusting his hips and yelling, "Yahoo!" He's also one of the hottest celebrities around Tokyo right now and seems to be making the talk show rounds. Here are some pictures of him.


Adam Lee Dalziel said...

Glad Politically Correctness has not reached the shores of japan - yet - hope it stays like that - i'm re-locating very soon.


Gaijin Girl said...

That is hilarious. I haven't seen him around town yet, but shall keep an eye out!
Thanks for the link.