Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A petit lunch

I was taken out for a birthday lunch yesterday by my good friend, Hisae. She was the first Japanese person I met when I came to Japan, and I lived with her for almost 3 weeks while I finished my training and found a place to live.

We met in Jiyugaoka and went to a small cafe that served beautiful and tasty food. I had a delicious seafood mousse with a light soup, salad and dessert. Hisae had an assortment of fish salads, along with soup and a green salad. Dessert was a delicious custard crowned with a sweet strawberry sauce.

I think Hisae was a little disappointed with the lunch because the portions were extremely small, and she's a big eater. She said she had eaten a late breakfast and was glad because she wasn't so hungry for lunch. Otherwise, she said she would have been hungry after this meal.

For me, it was just right, and I loved getting a chance to catch up with my friend after almost a year. But, I'd have to agree that this was a chick cafe. Men would probably go away hungry.

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