Saturday, July 10, 2004

Never tempt Mother Nature

There's been a ferocious thunderstorm circling the area for the past few hours, but at the moment it seems to have waned. Each ear-splitting crack sounded like mortar fire and made me want to dive under my bed like I remembered doing as a child. Glancing over at my one-inch thick futon planted firmly on the tatami floor, I realized I had no place to hide.

For a while, a nearby dog cried with the most pitiful whimper. There are huge trees all around the area where I live, but I know there are many houses up the hill just past those trees. The dog must live in one of those houses. After a short while, I didn't hear its whimper anymore, so I hope its owner rescured the poor thing.

The storm dropped torrents of rain and the air now feels cooler. I turned off my AC and opened the window to let in the nice breeze. What a relief from the hideous 37C temperatures and humidity of the last few days. I know the cooler air won't last long so I'm enjoying it while it's here.

Amazingly, during the worst of the storm and while grotesque fingers of lightning flicked across the skies, I saw several people walking down my hill carrying opened umbrellas! Trees, umbrellas and lightning. Now, that's just crazy!

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