Wednesday, July 07, 2004

What's your sign, er, blood type?

During introductions with one of my chattier male students, I was asked the strangest question. What's your blood type?

Now I've been asked a lot of questions since arriving in Japan, but this is the first time someone has asked me my blood type! A teacher I work with told me that it's common in Japan to ask people their blood type, sort of like in the 80s when everyone asked "what's your sign?" Apparently it's quite important to know people's blood types, and in Japan my understanding is that Type A is considered good. Go here or here to read more about this.

I told my student that I was Type A and he looked so surprised. He kept saying "Type A? Type A? You're Type A?"

Another teacher told me that for men Type A is considered the best, but for women it's not so good. Too aggressive. Hmm.

Each day in Tokyo is like opening an encyclopedia of new information!

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