Sunday, June 27, 2004

Another sample, please

Just got back from the grocery store and I'm ready to fall in front of the A/C! It's muggy, but at least there's a nice breeze. The fact that it's a 6 block walk--each way--and that I was carrying bottled water, cooking oils, a few cans of beer and other heavy stuff--made me wonder if maybe I need to buy one of those "granny carts" to drag along behind me.

My little 1.5 cu. ft. fridge just doesn't hold more than a day or two of stuff in it, so I need to shop a couple times a week to restock. Most of the time I try to do it when I'm coming back "home" on the train, but this past week I've been getting back so late, the stores are already closed (and I'm too tired anyway).

Today I went to a different store than I usually go to (it's supposed to be cheaper than the one at the train station), and this old security guard must have decided I was there to steal everything or to bomb the store. He followed me everywhere. I even caught him looking over my shoulder. He must have had to get up on his tip toes to see what I had in my hand (my palm pilot/shopping list). Every aisle I walked down, there he was "surreptitiously" following me. I checked out and realized that a few things I still needed were upstairs. I'm still trying to get used to the idea of having to go up stairs or escalators to do all my shopping. Most stores are not laid out all on one floor. Anyway, I had my paid-for groceries in my Trader Joe bag and went upstairs to get a couple more things. Paid for those, went back down the stairs and started to head out of the store with my two bags. The guard barked something at me behind my back and I just kept on walking--didn't even look back. I was just waiting for him to accuse me of something! I was in no mood for any crap and would have really blasted him, considering I had all my receipts in my bag! Anyway, he didn't follow me or say anything further. Don't mess with a middle-aged, sweaty, tired woman!

Oh, but the good part was, as I was buying my 2 cans of beer (a 6-pack is around $12 for the cheap stuff!) a young store clerk offered me a sample of something at a little sample stand (like at Costco). I asked what it was and I thought she was trying to tell me it was apple juice. So she poured some from a can and I glugged it down. It was beer!!! Now that's a cool sample stand! She was so cute. Couldn't have been more than about 20 years old, but she was so happy to have me try this wonderful new product! She kept trying to tell me something, and then she finally pointed to the back of the can where she said there were only "105" of something. I think it must have been a low-cal beer. Then she said something about "very popular in America." I thought about asking for seconds, but decided not to.

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