Monday, June 07, 2004

Call me sensai!

Well, I'm officially a teacher! Thats what sensai means in Japanese.

I taught four classes tonight and it went well, I think, considering it was my first attempt at teaching English! My first class was with two 40-something women, both professionals. They were difficult students because they were such beginners. I really had to work at explaining things and getting them to construct complete sentences. The way it usually works is for a student to take two classes in a row, so I had them for a second class also. One of them was tape recording, so it made me a little nervous.

Then I taught a thoroughly polished professional woman, probably in her 40s also, who works in the technology field. She was very, very sharp and progressed nicely over her two lessons. We had a few good laughs and I think she enjoyed the lessons. She wants to prepare for a conference to be held in Europe next year.

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