Tuesday, June 29, 2004

We will. . .we will. . .rock you

The GuestHouse anniversary party was in full swing by the time I got home from work last night. I was so tired I just went to my room, thinking I would go downstairs later. When I finally did, it was around 9pm and things were absolutely wild. What a loud and raucous party! They even had an emcee (or DJ) or whatever, and the whole house was rockin' to the beat! I took one look in the living room and there were people everywhere. Most of the food and drinks were already gone, so I just slowly backed away from the door and went back to my room. It was too much to handle, and I was, by far, the oldest person there, so I didn't want to be--to use a Las Vegas term--a "cooler."

Most of the noise died down around 11pm, but there were quite a few people running, literally, running up and down the halls, screaming and laughing, and pounding on doors. Sounded like everyone was having a good time. There were some fireworks, and one guy I know here ended up burning his chin and neck a little bit when something he was doing caught him on fire! He's OK, just a couple of small burns, but I saw him this morning and he was telling me about it. Don't know exactly what he was doing, but it had something to do with breathing fire. . .wild party, right?

I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops--or maybe they did and that's why things quieted down so suddenly at 10:30.

Well, I took a little break and went downstairs to bring in my laundry and there were a couple of people I know hanging out in the kitchen, so I asked them about the party. They said the police were called by the neighbors because of the noise. Guess that means it was a successful party, right? Anyway, the management begged people to leave, so most of them finally did around 11 or so, but a few hung on until around 12. I went to bed around that time anyway and didn't hear anything more because I had the AC on.

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