Friday, June 04, 2004

Hit the jackpot!

I had a very productive evening at the guesthouse. For $25 I got a coffee table, a lamp, a chair, a folding chair, a 5-drawer dresser (plastic bins) on rollers, a couple of cute baskets with handles, 2 pants hangers (heavy duty),and some clothespins. Not too bad, huh?

The coffee table is very low, wood, about 3 x 2 with legs that fold up so that it can be stored flat. The chair is padded, with no legs, so it just sits right on the floor, but it's quite comfortable. Right now I've got my laptop on the coffee table, with the little lamp, and sitting
on my new chair. The only thing better would have been if I could have had first dibs on the air mattress to put under my futon, but someone else got that.

I wish you could have seen the guy's room who owned the coffee table. I cannot believe what all he had in that little tiny room (about 100 square feet) ! I tell you what, when you have to live in such small spaces, I guess you become very resourceful at how much stuff you can get into a room. He had a wrought-iron bed (slightly bigger than a single), a desk, dresser, and tons of storage cubes all over the place stacked clear to the ceiling. He also had rods that went completely across the room near the ceiling where he had tons of baskets hanging from hooks that held everything imaginable! On top of those rods, which were spaced close together, he had storage boxes. I couldn't believe my eyes! I'm sure there were lots more things--oh I saw a TV--but I didn't want to be rude and go inside to look. Unbelievable!

Everyone was wheeling and dealing, but for the most part, things were really cheap. I was looking for a laundry basket and a full-length mirror, but no one had one for sale, so I'll have to find one. I was also hoping to find a futon bed frame so I could get up off the floor. There's a gal who's going back to Australia next month, so I should ask her if she's got one. She said she had lots of stuff that she'll probably give away.

It was really fun to see everyone haul their stuff down to the living room and start bargaining. Oh, one guy gave me a Norah Jones CD. He said it was a bootleg CD from China, but the sound was perfect. He was a really cool guy who also teaches English. He's got a British accent but is Japanese. I took some pictures tonight while we were all eating dinner, but forgot to go back and get my palm pilot to take pictures of the flea market sale. Wish I could post pictures to this blog!

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