Sunday, June 27, 2004

Muggy Sunday

It was muggy and raining most of the day--well, not real rain, more the misty kind of rain. I went to the grocery store and spent at least an hour there, just looking around at everything, trying to figure out what I needed to buy--or rather, what I could identify. When I think of fixing a simple stir fry or something, I can't find the ingredients I'm used to using, especially the seasonings. I'm going to have to go with one of the housemates here to get a shopping lesson.

I did manage to buy oranges, kiwis and tomatoes, so that was good. And I bought a couple of pre-made salads. I had one tonight for dinner and it was quite good, but I had forgotten to buy salad dressing or vinegar. I had olive oil, but didn't have any vinegar, so one of the residents here let me have a couple tablespoons of her rice vinegar. It tasted very good.

Tonight there were so many people cooking in the kitchen. It was amazing to watch them. I didn't want to look too inept, so I only
came in and glanced around a couple of times. I'm sure they're wondering what the heck I'm doing there. One girl has been really
helpful. She was an exchange student in Kansas (of all places) and speaks English very well, so she's an enormous help. Most of the other residents are Japanese, Korean, or Indian. I would say that the ratiois two men to one woman. They've just been super to me, and are always very helpful.

Let's see. What else is there to tell you about? Oh, I'm also trying to find out how I can get a phone-- soon ! It's making me crazy not to have one!

When I came back from shopping today, I was so tired--again. The humidity really knocks the stuffing out of me. I unpacked all my things and put them away, and then laid down for a nap. That was around 4:30 and I didn't get up until 7:00. I think I need to get some kind of air mattress or frame to get me up off the floor. My hips are really screaming at me and I'm doing so much tossing and turning at night. I think it would help if I had a little more padding on the floor. These American bones just aren't used to sleeping on the floor (even with the tatamis).

I saw a guy walking his dog today, and it was completely outfitted in a rain coat and pants. Poor thing. It must have been roasting to death inside! I've seen so many dogs being walked, and most of them are really tiny. People do seem to love their little dogs here. I haven't seen any strays at all.

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