Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sexual revolution

I always ask students to tell me a little about themselves, and it's been quite interesting to hear how they prioritize their lives. The men almost always completely focus on their work (like the U.S. I suppose), but when I ask Japanese men what kinds of hobbies or interests they have, most of them look a little startled and really have to think about that question. I have to prod them a bit and give them some ideas of what might be hobbies or interests, then they'll say something like reading books or playing golf once or twice a year. They just don't seem to be able to look at their lives as having room for hobbies or other interests. I've also never heard any Japanese man talk about things they like to do with their families. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Also, I would say that at least half of the female students are unmarried and still living at home, even though they're in their 30s. From what I've heard, they are the women who are now considered "unmarriageable." As for the men, while the older ones are no longer living with their parents, many of them are unmarried. I heard that for many Japanese women, they'd rather stay single because the men have been too spoiled by their mothers. Maybe there's a sexual revolution going on in Japan.

As an aside about the marital status of the Japanese, I must find out if married men usually do not wear wedding rings. The reason why I'm wondering is because I see very few Japanese men wearing them.

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