Thursday, June 17, 2004

Short-term solutions

I finally had to speak to one of the managers about the late-night noise at the guesthouse. I was very nice about it, and just asked if there was a way to ask people to be quiet after 11pm since so many people had to get up early to go to work. The gal said she would take care of it, and that night by 11pm everything was quiet. I was stunned! I got a good night's rest. However, the next night people were back to partying out on the patio until 3 or 4am--right under my window. So, I'm not sure how effective the "lecture" was from the manager. Now that it's getting so hot, even in the evening, I'll probably just have to close my window and run the AC. The only problem with that is I think the AC is exacerbating my cough. It must be an allergy because I don't feel sick, but if I take Contac it helps to stop the cough.

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