Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The ubiquitous wash cloths

Everywhere I go, people are mopping their brows, faces and necks with wash cloths. Now I've even seen a few people carrying small towels, not just wash cloths. I started off carrying tissues, but this is the kind of heat where wimpy tissues are useless. You'd need to carry boxes and boxes of tissues to handle this clothes-soaking sweat.

In a way, I'm glad to see others are now suffering as much as I've been over the past few weeks. Before, it seemed that I was the only one noticing the heat, but now everyone is miserable. People are cranky. People are hot and tired and dreading the next two months of this unbearable heat. Temperatures are in the 90s with humidity nearly as high. There's so much moisture in the air that it's hard to breathe, and the same hill I've been walking up to get to my train station now seems like Mt. Everest. By the time I get midway I have to stop to catch my breath. By the time I reach the top I'm drenched and gasping like a fish out of water.

Will I ever be able to adapt to this suffocating blanket of heat?

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Anonymous said...

Nope. After 20 years I still can't stand the heat. Once I moved into my company hospital next to my office for a whole summer claiming I could not commute in this heat.

Enjoy yourself.... and as soon as it is not enjoyable, leave as soon as possible.


Taro, the-all-wet